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Who's ready to take the Plunge?

The Push-Up Plunge is the perfect backless and strapless stick-on bra for ladies who want one cup size up, a tighter cleavage, that lower plunging neckline that requires a tighter and fuller cleavage.

Ladies who are used to padded bras would adore this as it is super padded and has a push-up effect too.

The Plunge is soft and pliable and can go with most outfits without showing any seam.

Sizes available in cup sizes: A – E (Fair color).


Do come by to our boutique @ The Centrepoint, #02-48 to check out the bra and if required we can do a fitting to determine size.  You can see the results yourself, you’ll be blown away!


Why do we need to wash NuBra after each wear?


  • After wearing any of our NuBra products, there would be residue of perspiration, dead skin, body oils that are left on the surface of the adhesive. If we do not wash the adhesive, the residue on the adhesive surface will continue to layer up with each additional wear, causing the adhesive to basically lose its sticking power. It is important that the adhesive remains clean in order to regenerate its stickiness, otherwise, it will lose its adhesive capability before its typical lifespan. 


How do I wash my NuBra?


  • Please refer to our Use & Clean page linked here for step-by-step instructions on how to care for your NuBra. 


What should we use to wash NuBra products?


  • We recommend purchasing a bottle of our NuBra Cleanser ($6, The NuBra Cleanser is specially formulated for our products, it ensures a gentle but thorough wash of the adhesive surface, allowing the adhesive to regenerate to its maximum capacity after each wash. You only need 2-3 drops of the cleanser with each wash, so it will definitely last throughout the lifespan of your NuBra. To the discretion of customers who do not purchase our NuBra Cleanser, any other soaps or cleansers might not be suitable for the NuBra adhesive as it might affect the stickiness or even completely damage it.


* Remember to add a NuBra Cleanser to your order before checking out! *


If there are any other questions, please contact us @ 67332126 or email:




Do you know that NuBra Boutique is the Sole Exclusive Distributor in Singapore for Nubra (USA)?


NuBra Boutique is located at The Centrepoint, #02-48 (Opposite Din Tai Fung).

There are numerous imitations of NuBra available online and sold at retail shops claiming to be authentic NuBra products.

Nonetheless, here’s how you can differentiate Authentic NuBra vs Imitation NuBra Products!


Authentic NuBra products have the following characteristics:
1) The Official NuBra Logo on all products.
2) Each bra has its own unique factory computer-printed serial number.

3) Only available at NuBra SG website and NuBra Boutique at Centrepoint.


A majority of the imitation NuBras available in the market do not use the safest materials when manufacturing the product, some even use industrial-grade silicone and adhesive. As such, many ladies have suffered chemical burns, skin irritations, scarring as well as other side effects after wearing such imitation products. These ladies who are now our NuBra customers have voiced out their concerns regarding such inferior quality products in the market that have been causing harm to the users.


A cheaper adhesive bra does not always mean that it would be safe to wear. Many of these imitation products are manufactured with non-approved and non-skin-safe materials, summing up the reason for their lower price points.


Our team at NuBra Boutique wishes to address the differences between the authentic NuBra with the imitation products available in the market so that you, as consumers would be able to make safe and informed decisions when purchasing strapless and adhesive bras.


Important To Note: A lower-priced alternative may lead to future health concerns that may be irreversible and detrimental. Ladies, would you like to take on such a significant risk to wear an unsafe product on your body?




NuBra is the original strapless, backless and self-supportive bra, specially formulated with a Pressure-Sensitive Adhesive (PSA), which has been clinically tested to be safe and skin-friendly. It is a proven favourite amongst brides and celebrities since NuBra gives you a great silhouette, whether you are looking for a slight boost, a full increase in cup size, more cleavage or just the choice not to have to wear a regular bra with uncomfortable and unsightly straps.

Since 2002, all NuBra products have been handmade in the U.S.A., using the only best and safest materials — including skin-safe medical-grade adhesives. The adhesive on the original NuBra is U.S. Food and Drug Administration (FDA) approved and has been tested and certified to be skin-irritation free by independent labs in the U.S., Japan, and Europe.

Bragel USA manufactures surgical grade silicon protective tapes for hospitals use which is also the same type of silicone and adhesive used to produce all NuBra products.


Now that you have a better understanding of what is a NuBra, here is why you should choose the original over the imitation products.




According to recent reports, there have been cases of customers getting chemical burns or severe skin irritation from various imitation products that have been publicized on social media platforms. Furthermore, it is said that the companies selling such products deny liability for any damages and it is on the consumers' part to be more careful while using the bra. To know more about the happenings, do read more at (

For many imitation NuBras products available on the market, the adhesive used merely is painted onto the cups, as such this might cause allergic reactions upon direct contact with the skin. The medical-grade adhesive used on all authentic NuBra products are individually applied and baked into the cups itself, allowing the adhesive to have its regenerating and longer-lasting as a product.



Be it for everyday wear, weddings or even exercise, all the authentic NuBra products are guaranteed to be safe for everyday wear. Hence, the adhesive used has been certified by the FDA to ensure consumers' peace of mind while wearing the bra. For ladies with sensitive skin, NuBra Airy is designed with breathable cups to eliminate the chances of skin irritation while wearing the bra.



Imitation NuBra products are of lower-quality and plastic sheets provided to protect the adhesive on the bra cups. With continuous wear and little care or maintenance, it would cause dead skin, body oil and perspiration to be accumulated on the adhesive surface, hence the adhesive loses its sticking power quickly. After a couple of wears, these products will completely lose its adhesive ability and eventually have to be thrown away.


At NuBra Boutique, we understand that it is undeniably tempting to go for these cheaper options. However, the number of wears you get out of the bra does not justify its lower cost. Furthermore, the imitation bras usually have much smaller and thinner cups, made of lower quality or non-skin safe silicones; posing an evident risk to consumers. 

It is important for all NuBra products to be washed and cleaned after each wear, this helps to prolong the lifespan of the bra and also maintain the regenerative ability of the adhesive. We recommend our NuBra Cleanser ($6) which will effectively clean the surface of the adhesive and ensure the NuBra is ready for its next wear. 


With the right maintenance and care for the original NuBra, you would be able to get 30-50 wears out of NuBra. From the reviews of our customers, many of them have worn it even more times with continuous and correct care. The regenerative effect of the NuBra adhesive ensures our consumers supportive and safe wear each time they put on the NuBra.


Interested to know more about NuBra?

Visit us online @ or drop by our boutique at The Centrepoint 176 Orchard Road #02-48 Singapore 238843 (Opposite Din Tai Fung)

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