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What is NuBra?

A: NuBra features two soft silicone gel bra cups with an adhesive backing, plus a front closure.

Is NuBra comfortable to wear?

A: Yes, the minute you wear NuBra you will instantly find freedom and comfort from the absence of bra straps. Since NuBra adheres to your body, it becomes a part of you and you might even forget it is there.

How do I put NuBra on?

A: Simply position, press on and go. Please see detailed application instructions.For more or less cleavage, simply adjust NuBra placement.

Is NuBra adhesive skin friendly?

A: Yes, the special adhesive has been clinically tested and FDA approved to be safe and skin friendly.

Will it hurt when I remove the NuBra?

A: No, it will not hurt at all. Take your time, detach the front closure first, then gently peel off the bra starting from the top and gradually move downward. If any adhesive residue remains on the skin after removal, simply wipe skin with a soft tissue. 

Is NuBra easy to clean and maintain?


A: Yes, simply wash your NuBra with our specially formulated NuBra Cleanser and tap water.  Once dry, place it back in the original tray and cover with the lid or the case provided.

Please refer to cleaning instructions.

How many wears can I get out of each Nubra?

A: The life span of the adhesive depends on individual’s skin type. The preparation before wearing Nubra, the environment and how well the adhesive is maintained.

Does NuBra really stay on? What happens if I perspire?

A: By following instructions carefully, you can help ensure that NuBra will stay on securely, even if you perspire. It is recommended that you wash and dry your skin thoroughly before application. Sunscreen, creams, oils or powder will interfere with the NuBra adhesive.

What size should I order?

A: Order your usual bra cup size (bra cup without any padding). If you are between sizes, get the next larger size. 
Click here to go to the size chart 


Why can’t I return NuBra?

A: As is the policy with other intimate apparel, such as lingerie and swimwear, NuBra cannot be returned or exchanged. The plastic cradle (NOT the box opening) containing the bra cups are sealed to indicate that the silicone adhesive cups have not been used or tampered with. 
Therefore, for hygiene reasons, all sales of NuBra are final.


Does NuBra hold up in hot and humid weather?

A: Yes. Cleaning with skin preps to remove excess skin oils ensures that NuBra will stay on more securely.

What is the difference between NuBra Original Silicone and NuBra FeatherLite?


  • NuBra FeatherLite is 70% lighter than NuBra Original Silicone

  • NuBra Original Silicone gives breasts a fuller look because of the thicker silicone gel padding

  • NuBra FeatherLite gives you the effect of wearing a slightly padded bra without straps

  • With the same adhesive inside, NuBra FeatherLite outer shell is made of fabric like a regular bra.


What can I do when my NuBra Silicone or SuperPadded lose their stickiness?

A: Both the Silicone and SuperPadded can still be used as bra insert push-ups.

How do I place an order?

A: You can place your order for NuBra products via: 
   (a) Our online shop here.
   (b) NuBra Boutique at The Centrepoint (directions)

How do I know if I am buying the authentic NuBra product?

A: As an added precaution, Bragel stamps hologram seals on their boxes to indicate that it is an authentic Bragel product. To stay a step ahead of copycats, Bragel continually updates the hologram seals they use. Here is an example of the current ones being used.






B: To stop the copy, Bragel also stamps NuBra logo on the bra cups to indicate that it is an authentic NuBra product. Please beware of cheap adhesive used on imitation products that may be harmful to your body.











Delivery fees and timings 

We offer free delivery for orders within Singapore with a minimum S$70 purchase (rates from S$10.00 for orders under S$70). International orders have shipping rates that differ according to the destination and order package weight, shipping will be automatically calculated to the weight and destination at checkout. 


Delivery Timings

Local delivery:

Once your order is placed, it usually takes about 2-3 working days (we are closed on Sundays) for local deliveries in Singapore.


International deliveries

We ship our international orders via Singapore post registered parcel service and tracking is available ( Due to the current global COVID-19 situation, delivery timings may be affected. Please check the SingPost website for details on delivery timings to different countries.


If there are any further enquiries, do contact us for more information.

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