NuBra Seamless Lace-Up

NuBra Seamless Lace-Up


The lace-up bra done the right way! 


NuBra Seamless Lace-Up features straps in the middle, giving ladies the amount of cleavage that they desire! Refer to the second picture for the difference in cleavage with the same lace-up feature.


Featuring half-cups, similar to our NuBra Demi Underwire, this NuBra allows you to sport all sorts of tops and dresses. From tops that have lower necklines to U-shaped necklines, you'll be looking ready and confident.


Check out the last picture for sizing if you're buying online! Otherwise, head down to our boutique to check out the product yourself.  


*NuBra Seamless Lace-Up only comes in one colour, Mocha. It is similar to our products in Tan.