Getaway Bundle 🌴

Getaway Bundle 🌴


The perfect bundle for that perfect getaway! 🌴⛱

If you're headed somewhere sunny and warm, this bundle is great for you!


[ What's included? ]

1x NuBra Airy (in your size) 

1x Padded Panty (Nude or Black |  Small, Medium or Large)

1x NuBra Cleanser

1x NuBra Skin Prep


Worth: $147

Now: $130


  • Since the NuBra Airy is breathable, you will be cool and comfortable throughout your trip, even when you're sun tanning! The best part is, with NuBra, no tan lines!


  • The Padded Panty Hipster will help you achieve a worked out derrière look without any of the hard work, giving you that nice finish with your desired outfits.


  • Coupled with the NuBra Cleanser and Skin Prep, you're ready for your getaway!
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